Photoshop's Way Contests?

Hello Photoshopers!

I come here tonight not with another tutorial (I'm sorry) but with something I've been thinking for a while now and I honestly would love to have your attention and your opinion.

When I started blogging Photoshop's Way I firstly asked to myself: "What are my objectives blogging tutorials? There are so many all over the Internet"
And the answers were clear enough to me like "I am doing what makes me happy, teaching and showing to the others my skills and what I've been learning until now." Suddenly another objective showed up and it was "Besides my wish to teach what I know and I want I manage, I WANT TO LEARN more and more from every single people that arrives this blog. Because there is so many things I don't know yet (I k
now about 1% in 100%) and I would love to learn it."

And that's it, I want to share what I already know and want you to share what you know with me, so we can build here a large and great community of editors and have fun all together.

Now, another reason that brought me here is that the last night I went to bed but I wasn't sleepy at all so I started to think about this journey and what would I do to make this blog different from the others (Yeah there are millions of websites with tutorials to Photoshop). After some minutes loose on my thoughts I got something. (Yeah, you are a genius!)

Contests? Let them decide...

I thought about some kind of a tournament or a contest between photoshopers where I would post a picture on the blog to everyone do their best with that picture using Photoshop and you all would have three days to work on it and then send the results to my email so me and my friend that is an artist could rate it with points. The winner would be the one whose picture earned more points.

And you ask: "I win, so what?"

Well, the winner will get money (not much since I'm not rich, about five dollar, I don't know yet), and maybe be called to make part of Photoshops' Way Team depending on his/her results, earn automaticly 2 points extra for the next contest, and more benefits that I'm still thinking about.
The second one with more points will receive money as well (about three dollars, not sure yet) and will earn 1 point extra for the next contest. The third person with more points will earn money too (about 1$, as I said I am not sure yet) but no extra points.

Well, all of this need to be thought and thought again because something would be missing but everything depends on visitors.

The first goal of this blog is to become and independent domain. So if everyone helps we can reach the top of the world :)

An honest huge and warm hug for everyone in the world.
Kal El