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1- Start a new file and configure it like this:

2-Select the Paint Bucket Tool and left click on the background
3- Press Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new layer
4- And your layer palette will be shown like this
5- Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool with a different color of the background
6- Look up with the Rounded Rectangle Tool selected and make sure everything's configured like this:
7- Draw a rectangle on the background

9- When you click OK your rectangle will be shown like
11- Now left click on the gradient box
12- Now a bigger box will appear, looks complicated huh? Don't worry ;)

13- Click on the first square, and you will notice that your rectangle changed his colour
14- But now it's time for to configure the rectangle with our wished colors

15- Click on that small box with a traingle on the top of it(1) and then on that bigger box(2) to choose your first color
16- Choose your color and click OK (Here I've chosen "ffba00")

17- Now do the same as step 15 for the right small box(1) and that bigger one(2), but for this choose a darker color (Here I've chosen "72490e") and press OK
18- Press OK again to close that window
19-And OK again (on the Gradient Fill Window)

20- Your layer palette should be like this:
21- And your rectangle like this;
22- Create another layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N

23- Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool again like on the 5th step

24- And draw something like this:
25- Go to SELECT>LOAD SELECTION>OK (see step 8)

26- Now do exactly the same as you did on step 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 this time for the smaller rectangle and invert the colors, instead of: First the lighter color and then the darker one, choose the darker on first(left small box) and then the lighter color(right small box)

27- Here's your colors inverted from the first and bigger rectangle
28- And here's your rectangle with a great effect
29- Now, add some text using the Horizontal Type Tool
30- And that's it! :)


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