Matrix Effect

1-Open up a new document with a white background

2-Go to FILTER>TEXTURE>GRAIN and put the values like in this picture

3-Here is how your picture will look like

4-Go to FILTER>ARTISTIC>NEON GLOW and choose the same values as the picture below and a bright green color.

5-Go to FILTER>STYLIZE>GLOWING EDGES and choose these values

6-Your picture should look like this

7-Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J
8-On the duplicated layer go to FILTER>BLUR>MOTION BLUR and enter these values(-90,100)

9-Change the blending mode to Lighten

10-Done, nice Matrix Effect for wallpapers or whatever you need it :)

EXTRA-Here I have applied some text with matrix effect, if you wish me to tell you how to do it just leave a comment

Kal El